Straighten your teeth in as little as SIX months!

As little as SIX months!

If you're counting down the days to a major event like a wedding or graduation, traditional braces may not be fast enough. Enter C-Fast, our orthodontic solution designed for speedy results, ensuring you look your best well before your big day.

Unlike traditional braces that adjust all your teeth, our C-Fast braces focus on just the ones visible when you smile. This targeted approach drastically cuts down treatment time, often achieving desired results in just six months.

Concerned about discretion? Don't be. C-Fast braces are crafted with clear wires and tooth-coloured brackets, making your path to straighter teeth as inconspicuous as possible. No one needs to know—your secret to a perfect smile is safe with us!

Why C-Fast?

Fast straightening

Results in as little as six months

Fixed brace system

Discreet clear wires and tooth-coloured brackets

Cost-effective straightening

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