Invisalign Braces

We offer the Invisalign system at Saffron Lane Dental. This consists of transparent aligners which are made to the exact shape of your teeth using a 3D imaging system.

A discreet way of transforming your teeth, with fast predictable results. This system has been used by many celebs with over 9 million successful cases worldwide.

They are given to you in an order so will require clinical time with the main dedication at home.. This involves the patient coming to the surgery every two weeks for a review and an aligner change, the process of invisalign is gradual and controlled. The aligners are clear and invisible so other people may not even notice you are wearing an appliance. They are more aesthetically pleasing for some patients as they do not want to have metal braces on show due to their own circumstances. The invisalign system involves the patient removing them daily for brushing, flossing and consuming food or fluids but other than this the aligners will need to be worn full time.


Dr N K Somani

Implantologist and Cosmetic Orthdontist

Dr M Damani


Dr. S Vora

Cosmetic Dentistry