Straighten Your Teeth

Do your teeth stop you from smiling as much as you’d like? Just think, in a few months you could be smiling like a star.


Teeth are normally straightened in around three to six months.


The wires and brackets are almost invisible.


The short treatment time dramatically cuts the cost.

Here at Saffron Lane Dental we provide braces for patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their smile.

This is classed as Short term or cosmetic orthodontics; in which it moves the misaligned front teeth into a better position but does not change the way the teeth function. Treatments usually take between 3-6 months to complete.

We use an invisible bracket system which is from the innovative company C-Fast orthodontics. The braces are very similar to the metal bracket system but are more discrete for our patients who may not want other people knowing they are wearing braces. These are available for our patients at the practice for an affordable price. To book a consultation to see if you are eligible please contact reception for further details.


Dr N K Somani

Implantologist and Cosmetic Orthdontist

Dr M Damani


Dr. S Vora

Cosmetic Dentistry