Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure available at our dental clinic.

It’s the quickest and most effective way to improve the appearance of your smile.

The natural whiteness and brightness of teeth fades over time, with them discolouring and staining due to a range of things that we commonly consume, like coffee, tea, red wine and cigarettes. The purpose of teeth whitening is to restore your teeth to their natural, white colour, to once again give you a glossy, healthy smile that you’re proud of.

We offer both In house and home whitening to our patients and allow them to decide which one is the best for their situation.

In house whitening

We provide whitening treatments for patients who wish to have it conducted at the surgery in one session. We use the award winning ENLIGHTEN system and we also have the latest ZOOM laser whitening. These give you a quick result for instant results. They do require some topping up with the home kits depending on the responsiveness of your teeth.

Home whitening

Home whitening consists of using clear, tooth fitted trays which would be measured to fit your dentition accurately. You would be required to use the whitening trays and whitening gel for certain periods of time during the day; this would usually be over night for the best results. Some patients find it very hard to tolerate wearing an appliance overnight, so we are able to provide them with “day whitening” which would consist of them wearing the appliance two times a day for 30 minutes each time.

The home whitening brands we use are Polar Night, Enlighten and Zoom day whitening as we have seen excellent results using these products.


Dr N K Somani

Implantologist and Cosmetic Orthdontist

Dr M Damani


Dr. S Vora

Cosmetic Dentistry